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[OOP 2011] Happy Birthday OOP !

It is hard (especially for me) to imagine, but the OOP is celebrating it's 20th birthday at the next OOP Jan. 24-28, 2011 ( This fact motivated me to do my part to offer you a particularly strong program.

We have 8 keynote speakers and a very up-to-date and broad conference program.
The keynotes are (in alphabetical order)
- Scott Berkun, well-known author and public speaker on "Myths of Innovation"
- Andrew Brownsword, Chief Architect at Electronic Arts on "Software Architecture in Game Development"
- Tom DeMarco of the Atlantic Systems Guild and a pioneer of many important topics including people-related topics on "The Collaborative Design Imperative"
- Ralph de Wargny of Intel on the topic of Multi-core
- Martin Fowler of Thoughtworks on "Software Design in the 21st Century"
- Erich Gamma, IBM, a Software-Pioneer of multiple topics, on "Design Patterns - Past, Present & Future"
- Rainer Grau, Zühlke, on Change and Change Management
- Kevlin Henney, on "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know"

I am proud to be able to offer these keynotes -- all are great speakers and the mix of topics is very fitting to the broad set of topics addressed by the OOP. From Innovation to Programming and from Bits&Bytes to People and a strong focus on design and architecture.

Although we have always stayed current with the actual software trend topics and have broadened the scope considerably since the first OOP, the concept of bringing internationally renowned, practically oriented speakers together in a forum where one can meet and discuss the latest topics remains stable. I very much look forward to seeing many of you, both long-time friends and colleagues as well as recent and first-time attendees to the OOP.

yours truly,
Frances Paulisch

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