Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

[OOP 2010] Software Reuse and Product Line Engineering

Quote of the Day:
"Software and cathedrals are much the same –
first we build them, then we pray."

Samuel T. Redwine

It is clear that it is essential to have a solid foundation when building a complex software-based system and this is particularly true when using this foundation as the common basis of a set of products or systems.
But the benefits in terms of reduced effort, reduced time-to-market and increased quality are high -- if one is able to do it right. And that is what you can learn at the OOP.

At the OOP we have a 2-day track, organized and moderated by Christa Schwanninger, on Product Line Engineering (PLE) headed by an opening track-keynote by Jan Bosch on Software Product Lines. The second day of the track focusses on the modelling aspects and includes presentations by Markus Völter, Peter Manhart (Daimler), and Neno Medvidovic, a software architecture specialist from the University of Southern California. In the night school on Wednesday night we offer a PLE-Tutorial by Prof. Klaus Schmid. In this track we address many aspects of PLE including the technology, the business case, concrete examples, and future directions of this important topic area.

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