Samstag, 1. November 2008

[OOP 2009] Intakte Teams im Takt

As the motto of the OOP 2009 says: Soft(ware) skills are the key to successful projects. Persons with excellent soft skills are often those with a great deal of experience, partly based on lessons learned from mistakes of the past. But you can speed up your acquisition of softs skills. The first step is to be aware that it is an important issue (many projects fail for soft skill related reasons rather than technical ones). And to become aware of what are important aspects to address and improve (you can learn that e.g. at the soft skills track of the OOP). And finally, you need experience.

How to get a faster start to the necessary experience in softskills?
In part, by attending the "Soft Skills + Social Behavior" half-day session on the Friday of OOP (Fr1 (morning) or Fr8 (afternoon).

This is a very special session at the OOP. Please don't miss this unique opportunity.
Learn soft softskills and how to manage by conducting a set of real musicians (and then try to use some of those techniques on your project team when you are back in the office). Roderick Shaw, a renowned conductor, is one of the key moderators of this session.

Learn from the source on how to keep your team all on the same pace ("im Takt") and and intact.

Here an excerpt of the course description: Ein halbtägiger Schnupperkurs, der Ihnen schon nach kurzer Einweisung (ohne musikalische Vorkenntnisse) die Chance bietet, live ein Ensemble von Musikern zu dirigieren. Werden Sie durch praktische Übungen aktiv Teil eines imaginären Orchesters. Lernen Sie, die Kommunikationsprozesse eines Teams aus einem neuen Blickwinkel zu betrachten u. zu steuern. Nehmen Sie diesen "Dirigentenstab" mit in Ihre Berufspraxis.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Frances Paulisch

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